We went to IKEA today to get my friend a lamp. as weird as it sounds, I always get super excited to go to IKEA. It's like an adventure. ahahah

Fall 2009 - Chi

Fall 2009 - Derek Lam
I love this shade of yellow.

source: runwaym@livejournal

i need to do laundry

The heel of these boots are broken to the nail. is it even repairable? so sorry for the mess of my room, lol.

I got this at Ross the other day. EEEEE.. I needed a new wallet. I had been using my old wallet for 2 years already - and it turned from off-white to beige. A black one is good.

oh! Joseph Gordon-Levitt turns 28 today. Happy Birsssday! omg, i love his dimples. he's so handsome.

(i forgot where i got these)

Ok, I'm off to 99 Ranch to get some groceries. have a good day!


it's past 5 am, and I am awake watching " A lot like love " on tbs. I don't know why, but I'm liking it. meet some guy on a plane, realize years later that you're made for each other. I forget that the three-day weekend only applies to the U.S. I'm so sorry! It's Presidents Day, I think. I bought a papasan chair cushion at Ross for $30. (what a bargain. It's usually like $50+). so plump :D

Fall 2009 Abaeté (left) Charlotte Ronson (right)
I love!


hm, Valentine's day is almost over.

I'm watching SNL - it's Alec Baldwin and the Jonas Brothers. I watched "Push" last night. it was , I would say odd ; but maybe I was just out of it after having not slept for the whole day. TODAY, I went shopping at Forever 21. It feels so good not having to think about anything right now. I hope everyone's having a good three-day weekend :)

free at last

or for the three day weekend at least. I stayed up all night, finished my midterm, and turned it in. then I came home and treated myself to some chocolate ice cream :).

papers must die

crap webcam

I like you.

Ok, I have an 8-page paper due in a day and I am looking at shoes. Thank you internets. $85 at I wish I had that kind of money. Oh yes, remember my laptop I was talking about? It got soo loud today that a couple of my classmates (in a 30-student class) actually turned around, looked at my laptop and smiled at me. ahaha. embarassing T_T. hm, ASOS just sent me an style update email :). They're already promoting bikinis and things. The weather here confuses me. It was like 39°F yesterday! for me, that was the coldest that San Diego has been since I've lived here.

Gwyneth Paltrow (above) in March 2009 issue of UK Elle, wearing Alexander Wang (source: - the shapes on the dress are so geometrically.. appealing..

so fresh

Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2009
Model: Francisco Lachowski


what a beautiful boy.

lights and sounds

so sorry for the lack of updates.

My laptop has been making strange noises. Don't ever buy an HP laptop (especially not for its pretty swirly exterior). Their fans are so ridiculously loud. I was sitting in my 400-student political science class today, self-conscious of my hair dryer of a laptop fan. hmm, I went to Disneyland since I last wrote an entry. The day after that was Chinese New Year - I ate Indian food and received in the mail, a red envelope from the parents. Happy Chinese New Year!

My favorite thing to wear nowadays is this black oversized men's jacket from Stussy. soooo comfy