life is a journey

paper cranes trying to escape! and a new ring I bought from forever 21.

So, I called my mom the other day to check up on my family. She told me that they recently upgraded from dial-up to high speed internet! hurray. ahhahaha. Anyway, sorry I haven't been able to post a blog in over a week... been working pretty much everyday. Other than that, I've been on ebay and craigslist searching for bargains on camera equipment, specifically a macro lens, a SB-600 flash, and a fisheye (maybe). I ALWAYS miss out because I have work. FRUCKING A.

QUESTION: Would you purchase something used or pay a little extra for something refurbished? I know neither option sounds very attractive, but I'M POOR! :(

& here is Orlando Bloom by Terry Richardson. I just thought this picture was cute ^^

i'm so indecisive

story of my life.

I can't decide on font size and type and it's making me crazyyyyy.

Oh, check out this Spring 2010 lookbook from this label called LOVER. They're whole collection is really sweet. I picked out my favorites. I would wear everything! :D

porter party

I did a little firefox- window shopping at net a porter. Yep, just some things I will never in my life be able to afford. That new Chanel nail polish looks so pleasant. Minty green is such a pretty color; perfect for spring. I wish spring would come sooner.

I've been trying to write a blog entry for days now... but I get distracted real easily. For example, I just finished the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy which happened to be a crossover with Private Practice, so I ended up watching the latest episode of that as well...and the one before that. haha.

I tweaked my layout a bit. I'm always not really satisfied with it. I think it's okay for now though:). I feel kind of suffocated these days. I sleep at dawn and wake up just before dusk. I need to change my habits. I want to go somewhere and take a deep breath without feeling cold and empty. How's it in Hawaii? Guam? Somewhere where waters are warm. Also, please pray for Haiti. and for Conan O' Brien. That is all.

BLISS. such a gorgeous photo...I wish I knew where it came from

dat new new

I hope everyone had a good holiday. So, instead of watching the real fireworks, if there were any, my friends and I huddled in my house-mate's room to watch fireworks from random countries on youtube. Before that we ate Japanese food at Tajima and went to Walmart to look for sparklers. I was so excited... until I found out that sparklers are illegal. D: I HAD NO IDEA... We always used them back home :( I was really sad...

Last week, we took a road trip to Venice Beach. We rode bicycles... I hadn't ridden one in years. This guy on a bike was sooo rude - he basically told me to get the fuck out of his way - dang girl, relax. YAHHH, sometimes I really don't like southern California...people here have extreme road rage, even on bikes. After bike riding, we stopped by that restaurant where Paul Rudd and Jason Segel go to eat fish tacos in "I Love You, Man". The menu outside said it was $19!.. PASS.

I love this photo to pieces.

the restaurant

Afterwards, we tried going to Chinatown via Google Maps on my iPhone... but that was fail when the directions lead us to a dark deserted alley. so we went to Little Tokyo instead and looked at cute stores and ate cute food.

hehehehe :D

I forgot what these were called but they were from Mitsuru Cafe.

my brother

green tea gelato from mikawaya , since 1910!

OHH, I watched Avatar in 3D. It was goood. It makes being human kind of suck. I LOVE 3D. It's kind of an AMAZING experience.

Sorry there are no photo outfits or fashion related anything, like ever. I have no one to take my photos :(. My outfits are never photo-worthy anyway. I REALLY want to thank readers out there, wherever you are, who have patience to keep up with my blog and/or take time to leave comments. I apologize for being so boring. If you ever want to be link friendsies, please let me know! I hope everyone had a great start to their year. Happy 2010.

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