i'm still alive.

just working and staying home mostly. saving monies. most of the money i do use goes to buying $6 matcha frappes. and all those matcha frappes go straight to my thighs. i spend most of my days watching HGTV and looking for homes online. my parents and i are going to California in October because my sister is getting married. i'm going to try my best to stay there, in san diego i think. my boyfriend is still in irvine. and we're still together ♥ lol. my braces look like they're making my teeth worse.. i have a hideous overbit now. that's why my mouth is covered. jk. it's hideous though... it makes me extremely self conscious. i'm hoping that if i stay in california, i find a good reputable orthodontist that can fix my teeth in the right amount of time. the one on guam takes like 5 years for A LOT of people i know..

my brother just bought his first car. a 2012 scion xB. ehhhh... well at least it looks better than it's older versions. IDK. i co-signed ecause he has no credit. and my college diploma gets him $1000 off. at least it's useful for one thing. ha. so does that mean it's half mine? i just hope he makes his payment on time. or else i'm going to kill him. god, i can't wait to leave. but in a sense, i don't want to leave my grandparents... they've both gone to the ER this month.. my grandma's actually in the hospital tonight. i'm worried about them. my mom's in china right now getting eye surgery. she's supposed to be back tomorrow, but i think she's going to extend. so many things happening this month, and i'm pretty exhausted... guam's weather also sucks... keeps raining. just feels like guam is a cancer for me right now... i want to start packing already. maybe we'll move back one day. in a few years or something when my parents retire somewhere. i don't know... i'll try updating more often. until then.... good day!


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francisco lachowski , my favorite male model

dream high

Yes :D.

So, I've been watching this new Korean drama series that my boyfriend told me about called "Dream High"...starring Suzy from Miss A (female group from S. Korea). You know how sometimes songs bring back memories of a certain time in life? I listened to Miss A's songs a lot during the start of our relationship...so they'll always have some kinda special place in my heart. Anyway, I'm already super addicted to the series. thanks boyfriend. It's about hopes, dreams, competition, debt, and love (triangles). You should totally watch it.

reminds me of mc Escher's stuff. this is us getting desserts in the village of Dededo. My brother left to San Diego a few days ago. I got teary-eyed when I had to hug him goodbye at the airport. I'm such a sensitive...I bawled my eyes out at the airport when I had to leave San Diego in August...I think I scared this lady because my eyes were so red. Anyway, even though we argue a lot, he's pretty fun to have around. He's attending university for the first time ever! I wish him luck.

sushi from Benii :). the interior decor is sooo awesome.

friends' feet at my buddy's house in umatac. his backyard is literally the ocean. lucky guy.

so intricate. I love it.

keep it clean. this is a beach on Guam. ain't the water gorgeous? I was sitting in this spot (which i thought was high enough so the tide won't get me. WRONG) All of a sudden a rush of water comes outta nowhere and soaked my khaki shorts so that it perfectly looked like I peed myself... directly under my crotch and my whole back side
-__-. moist pants are not a good feeling.

plans and pipe dreams

Happy New Year! photo taken on 01.01.11 from Guam, where America's day begins

To talk about 2010 would make me sad and reminiscent of the blissful times that I feel like I won't be able to experience again for a long time...so I'd rather not. le sigh.

plans for 2011
▲ I need to find a job and SAVE MONEY.
▲ get a tattoo!
▲ learn to bake, make sweets
▲ take more photographs.
▲ grow my hair out again
▲ read a couple of books. i haven't wholeheartedly read a book since like middle school but it's about time i tried to. so far, i have one in mind. i hope the bookstore carries a copy.
▲ work on my anxiety issues. I went to the supermarket today and was almost afraid to go by myself...it's strange, because I usually like going places by myself. I think I've been home too long. I never really felt this way before.
▲ to start and run a cafe selling sweet desserts and appetizers/snack. it'll never happen, but i can dream:)
▲ move to san francisco, seattle, or somewhere in southern california, get a puppy, work hard, and be happy...another pipe dream that lingers in the back of my mind.

i don't usually like cats , but i like to follow this one


hello, this is my friend's cat named "muning", which means cat in filipino. hey cat.

i hope everyone had a nice holiday. i did what i've done every holiday these past few months... eat chinese food at home -__-. hmmmm. i think afterwards we went to look at christmas lights around the island with my brother and his gf, my sister from another mister. then got drinks at this little place called jungle java. they serve matcha frappes now (for $6. ridiculous! i could buy a whole meal with that money). and it's not as good tapioca express's either. speaking of matcha, i bought some matcha powder today - $6.50 for a tiny bag. there's something about the color that turns me on. LOL. and i love the taste. it's like subtly sweet. i'm gonna do some experimenting with it - donut glaze, drinks, cake mix, etc. excited. what a glutton i am. i've even been dreaming of food these days (cookies, KFC). and i wake up drooling. i think it's these damn braces affecting my subconscious.


from china. went crazy on the polka dots. but my aunt got those for me. :P

my brother and his gf got me this kid robot donut pillow for my birthday. THEN, for christmas, they got me a mini donut maker! ♥ the glasses frames i got it at some random booth in China for like $3 USD..extremely cheap plastic. but i like the colors A LOT (it's black and fades to green). got it prescriptioned at Lenscrafters there for about $50 USD O_O...

B* got his gifts in the mail today that i sent him. they were small things, but he said he really liked them and it made his day :). that made my day! i miss him.

next post will be about new years resolutions, dreams for 2011 :). this blog layout needs an update. my face needs an update.