i'm still alive.

just working and staying home mostly. saving monies. most of the money i do use goes to buying $6 matcha frappes. and all those matcha frappes go straight to my thighs. i spend most of my days watching HGTV and looking for homes online. my parents and i are going to California in October because my sister is getting married. i'm going to try my best to stay there, in san diego i think. my boyfriend is still in irvine. and we're still together ♥ lol. my braces look like they're making my teeth worse.. i have a hideous overbit now. that's why my mouth is covered. jk. it's hideous though... it makes me extremely self conscious. i'm hoping that if i stay in california, i find a good reputable orthodontist that can fix my teeth in the right amount of time. the one on guam takes like 5 years for A LOT of people i know..

my brother just bought his first car. a 2012 scion xB. ehhhh... well at least it looks better than it's older versions. IDK. i co-signed ecause he has no credit. and my college diploma gets him $1000 off. at least it's useful for one thing. ha. so does that mean it's half mine? i just hope he makes his payment on time. or else i'm going to kill him. god, i can't wait to leave. but in a sense, i don't want to leave my grandparents... they've both gone to the ER this month.. my grandma's actually in the hospital tonight. i'm worried about them. my mom's in china right now getting eye surgery. she's supposed to be back tomorrow, but i think she's going to extend. so many things happening this month, and i'm pretty exhausted... guam's weather also sucks... keeps raining. just feels like guam is a cancer for me right now... i want to start packing already. maybe we'll move back one day. in a few years or something when my parents retire somewhere. i don't know... i'll try updating more often. until then.... good day!