distracted again. I have a paper (eight pages) due on Monday. I have about less than three pages?

If I only count the days I have class, there's only six days left before exam week. on the saturday after exam week, I will be off to SF, my second home away from home - to hang out with family/friends for all of winter break. (YESSSSS.)

Anyway, I'm most especially looking forward to some delicious foods. Some legitimate, inexpensive, good food! I took these over the summer:

crepe from Japantown. yeah, that's ham and avacado. I don't know, just trying something new. it tasted pretty good actually

dan tats -- egg custard tarts from Irving

dim sum from Clement


shark bait

It's actually more like 4:09AM right now. Anyway, Aimee from Song of Style has tagged anyone who checks out her blog - (which you should do), with :

6 things that make me happy :)

1. chocolate soft-serve ice cream from Mt. Lam Lam Sno n' Ice Cream back home on Guam. probably these best chocolate soft-serve ice cream ever. I remember being really depressed one day, and this really cheered me up. I took this photo when I went home this past summer :

2. getting letters/packages in the mail. which reminds me, i finally got my package from amazon :

3. cute babies/puppies make me squeal
4. finding great bargains/winning things on ebay/shopping in general
5. SF, Guam, & Hong Kong
6. i love recessed lighting. LOVE. i need them all over my future house

There's much more. like, People who can make me laugh , of course , make me super happy.


We took a drive up to L.A. to pick up my friend's passport at the Chinese Embassy. We stopped by this deserted mall in Little Tokyo and ate at a cozy lil Japanese restaurant called Hana Ichimonme. The ramen sets were quiet cheap and delicious. For dessert, a green tea mochi ice cream from the Japanese snack store on the first floor... nom nom nom

In other news, I got some Zyrtec today for my hives, as suggested by the doctor. I had to pay $15 to wait one hour to then listen to a doctor talk for a few minutes about information I had already discovered on the internets :(

science of sleep

Can you get to the point where it becomes difficult to differentiate between dreams and reality?

Since I've moved to this new residence about four months ago, I seem to be experiencing dreams almost every night. I've had several dreams of family members dying only to wake up crying and immediately calling the individual to find out that they're perfectly alive.

I was watching this movie on the day I came up with the name for this blog. Beautiful little movie. It makes me want to move to Europe! Anyway, I'm just trying to find everything and anything else to do besides working on my paper due tomorrow :(.

great success

photo by Terry Richardson