rotary sushi

Sushi Tairyo Guam

I finally ate sushi after a month of waiting. Two weeks ago I ate at Sushi Tairyo. It's a rotary sushi place in Tumon next to a bunch of other sushi places. It was alright.. There was a lot of fried food that I kinda wanted to eat, but I had a sore on my mouth a couple weeks ago. I was kind of nagging my parents to go eat sushi. We ate almost $50, and weren't that full yet. It wasn't really satisfying and I felt kinda guilty for letting me have sushi that day. Earlier this week I ate at a restaurant called Benii with my cousin. They also had rotary sushi... not so many choices though. In my opinion, the fish was way fresher here... the salmon was super moist. I luuurrve raw salmon. I didn't bring my camera dammit... but the interior decor was super cute...full of paper lanterns. Good place to take a date;)

In other useless news: I added a search bar on the left side. I hope it makes navigating specific topics easier. I've been watching a lot of Law and Order lately. Hmm I bought a basktball today... a girl's sized one -__- "28.5"... I dunno, I liked the grip! I'm excited for basketball season:).

+ 니다

The other day, I wrote Korean on myself just for fun. Honey, if you're reading this - saranghaeee ♡

i feel sooo lazy..

but, In my mind, I want to do so many things.

I'm cooking lunch for my family tomorrow. SPAGHETTI!!! semi-Filipino style :)

days go by

I went exercising on the beach at like 6:30am the other day with my mom and her friend. I wish I had that... a girl friend that I can go on jogs with... talk about random personal shit with. I feel like I can't really talk to people because I feel like I'm burdening them. That, or I just feel really awkward when talking. I've been kind of lost for a while...Sometimes it's hard for me to eat. nothing feels satisfying. I just eat to refrain from being hungry I guess. I don't know what I'm doing with my life right now... just going with the flow, I suppose.

Anyway, It was the first time I set foot on the beach since I arrived 1.5 months ago.. We ate Subway right after. I got a 6-inch tuna sub... what I always get. and a can of orange juice (interesting...) It was so refreshing. I LOVE OJ. My mom tried waking me up this morning to go walking again, but I refused. I was still sore. We're going again tomorrow. I have 4 hours to sleep. I just drank a Mr. Brown coffee. good thing coffee does absolutely nothing to me.