timing is key

got our passports/visa in the mail TODAY. leaving to hong kong/china TONIGHT. the agency that did our visas did not send our passports until FRIDAY. so dumb. they had to express mail it, and it usually takes about 3 days since we live on Guam. didn't think it would get in today, but it did. lucky us. not sure how i'll be able to communicate with anyone. but i'll be back in 2 weeks.

in other news... my beloved dog of 16 years, BUBBLES, passed away on Thanksgiving Eve - November 24, 2010. it's been really hard for me to deal with... but he's in a better place now. here's a cute video from a couple years ago of him walking in shoes. soo funny.. need more happy memories :')

new news

got a haircut.. it's like a short medium length mullet...yuck -___- . i miss my flowy hair. it feels like grass now. i also got a webcam from bestbuy.com... because my built-in one broke. Logitech c510. it's good! or i like it. gots some pretty fun effects on it too.

don't really feel like updating blog much. i don't even look at blogs much anymore. been in and out of depression for like 3 months. part of it's family. part of it's future. part of it's watching my dog suffer. part of it's being away from him. part of it's my insecurities and worrying about girls whisking him away. . mostly just feeling like I'm physically and mentally trapped in a bubble with a small straw to breathe from. i'm contemplating just running away to the states. perhaps try to support myself barely and live on my own or with bf or near bf or near brother.. but if i get braces that's just like another thing to deal with. so much complications. can it be done? am i crazy?.. i'd probably die. oh. i'm going to china with my dad in about a week to get my health checked, check on uncle, and maybe some wandering. kinda excited. hopefully i can take some photos.

bros bros

these images are being hosted by imageshack because my flickr has no space :(. hmm, need to get a pro flickr account soon. been thinking about switching to Canon too. what to do..

I spent this weekend with some friends - Grace (bro's GF aka my seester), Leif (old roomie in SD), and Kallen (funniest girl on the planet!). They're all my bro's grade. I think deep down, in my heart, I'm really only 21 :). We went somewhere called " shinny's " and ate chili dog and gelato. We didn't really do much else, but hanging out with them is always a fun time; especially cuz Kallen's stories are always so hilarious and entertaining.

this is my friend kallen !

and this is my love.

I think sometime this week would be our 7 months. (we don't really have a day.. lol). Sometimes, I feel like I'm still dreaming or something. If there's anyone's thoughts and opinions I care more about than anyone else's in the world, it's his...I never really knew how it felt like to be sick to my stomach jealous until I started dating him. He's in California and I'm here... and it's like slowly killing me. Living with my family has been kinda difficult; it's complicated to explain, I just feel super suffocated here. I've gotten more headaches here than ever before and my hair is falling out like crazy. Remember all those times I said I missed Guam? I don't know about that anymore. I think America's the place to be...land of the free. He's asleep right now (on skype)...wish I could fly there and lay right next to him. I love and miss him so so much...