Today was the hottest day ever!...I waited for the bus for like 6, 7 minutes at this stop with just benches - no shade. AT ALL. It was like 3PM and the sun was burning through my skin.

In other news, the other day we went to IKEA for the millionth time. specifically to eat their Swedish meatballs. nom nom nom. I just realized it's already "Fall". Where did my summer go? oh that's rite.. I didn't have one:(. going to bed now, gots work tomorrow!

where the heart is

I forgot where I got these images

I really don't have anything interesting to say here today. I 'm thinking about what to write in a paper proposal that's due tomorrow. I'm also eating lunch with a guy from a class I had in spring. which I honestly, really really don't want to do. He's a nice person and all but I really don't want to interact with people from class.. like really.. UGH. DREAD. am I a terrible person? :(

I miss my parents. This is them when they were still young, probably in Taiwan or HK. so pretty:)

I am really homesick... I miss the ghetto island life. eating on time. eating my dad's home cooked meals. people. food. the WARM ocean water. the simple things.

EDIT 11:23am 08/21/09. I had a dream last night that joseph gordon-levitt heard that I loved him to death. And in the dream I remember even thinking and sayin this is not real. He then gave me like a simple silver ring band. Couldnt decide which finger I wanted it on. It ended up on my right hand's ring finger. I wokeup at9:23 am. disappointed and jotted the jist of this dream on my iPhone which I am updating this blog with right now. sighs. postponed the lunch to some other day. I slept at like 5 last night and I'm so so tired and still need to work on said paper proposal. I'm gonna continue sleeping now..

fee fi fo fum

Fo Porter
source: all-antm

LOVEHER. freckles and errrthang. Ok, I'll stop posting pictures of pretty people now.

happiness is better with gravy

Rachel McAdams at Comic Con 2009.

styled by Troy Jensen. can you believe she's 30 years old? FLAWLESS.

School's been alright, less awkward than I thought.. ahaha. My grandparents are moving back to Guam, I think. I wanna gooooo! They are quite elderly so I'm like really scared for them to ride in a plane. I wish I could just teleport them. hhmmm the weather looked gloomy today so I wore a sweater dress and black stirrup leggings that I haven't seen in forever. I realize I now love black stirrup leggings... they make my legs look so slim and long :D. My gash, I'm so starving right now. We're making chicken adobo - probably not gonna eat dinner until like 2:30am - SO UNHEALTHY.


We had a little fun with post-its... I don't know who wrote this one, but I liked it.

This was taken after I dropped my camera:(. there's a new place called "crepe world" that just opened. I got nutella and green tea ice cream. It tasted good but had poor presentation. but i mean, taste can't really be controlled because nutella/fruits/ice cream are always good! but yeah, i was expecting genki crepes or sophie's crepes style. but NOPE :(

this spoon looks questionable.

We went to IKEA like 3 or 4 times this summer. Sooo fun there, especially riding those cart things with suuuuper smooth wheels that they provide when you enter the warehouse portion :D. ermm, I just finished session 1 of summer school, now attending session 2. I'm supposed to take two classes this session and be done with undergraduate school forever, but I might have to stay another quarter at school. I don't think I can handle two accelerated summer classes right now. I'm so exhausted everyday. And since I moved further away from school, I have to wake up extra early :(. I'm seeing a counselor tomorrow to see what I can do.

contacts. I WISHHHH I had green eyes. the bathroom lighting makes me look so white. lol

SHOES: ebay, zara, bandolino, franco sarto, from a street market in HK($3 USD!! long long time ago). notice they all have ankle straps ahahaha. I can't walk in heels without them.

and here is my room. gaash i love the recessed lighting and the floors <333.