holiday foods

I went back to my old banner... I missed it. I hope everyone had a good Christmas. On Christmas eve, my boss treated us to Buca de Beppo (Italian) Christmas dinner. YUM... We ordered waaaay too much. I stuffed my fat face.

On Christmas, my brother and I went to eat Thai food at this place right next to our house because it was OPEN. Not your typical holiday meal... but it was so delicious. I love that a lot of Asian places stay open on Christmas<3.

Oh yeah, WATCH THIS.
It's magical.



I passed my classes = I AM DONE, SON

so fun ♥ I want to practice more...


my roommates, Leif and Charles. adorable:)

at work. I turned 23 over the weekend... didn't really do anything to celebrate. I just played some basketball with friends and went to work that night. lovely work family got me cake and apple pie while I was working!


new banner does not match. with red holiday plate. need to post a new entry so I don't have to look at it next to each other.

I wanna get one of these lamps, just so I can put a mustache and maybe a hat on it. photo source: park & cube, ( shini - i love this )


12/13/09 - I woke at up 5pm -___-. I had work at 6pm. hahahah... came home at like 1:40am to a batch of cookies that my neighbor baked for us! on a holiday themed plate and everything! how nice :)

I'm not even sleepy.. blog blog blog. It's 5am. I always miss home (Guam). There's news about a huge military expansion on island that's going to take place within the next 5 years. It kind of makes me sad in a way. I hope things work out for the best. I miss Seattle too.. I need a haircut. I'm getting a bunch of tangles and split ends and shiz. I sound really A.D.D.

so beautiful ♥ my background. (sauce: tfs)

holding my breath

first pic from tfs.

I just took my (hopefully LAST) final exam online a few hours ago. I don't think I did too well.. so much stress these past few days. My contacts broke and I have to wait a while for new ones to come in, so I'm like... kind of but not really blind. I'm a -2.00 in both eyes, which is REEEEALLY miniscule compared to a lot of people. but for me, clear vision is like my... security blanket.

my husband for your pleasure

photos from; i put two pages into one and took out some content for the second photo.

Joseph Gordon Levitt in the December issue of GQ magazine. that sweater and his face - ADORAABBALLSSSS

!!! almost done with school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE. MUST PASS. someone take my internet access away so I can concentrate.