Haley Bennett at Comic Con 2009.

source: thefashionspot and ohnotheydidnt

She's not really a known actress/singer but I just wanted to post this because she is ADORRRRABLE. if you google her - she's a girl that can pull off many hair colors. but red hair is craaaazy gorgeous on her. I tweaked my layout a teensy bit more. I FINALLY figured out how to put my comments below the posts. I also added "labels", lol. yes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has his own label on my blog. last day of class tomorrow. picking up a u-haul truck. I wish my furnitures and things can move itself. I have a final I have to do by sunday too.... these last few days of this week are gonna suck.

breakfast for dinner

I tweaked my blog layout a little bit . I did some packing of clothes - a majority of it is in a huge suitcase and the rest of them need to be washed. OMG, I have soooo much ugly-that-cannot-be-saved outdated tween clothes that I never wear anymore. seriously hideous and overwhelming. Its all going in a bag to be donated. Someone lucky people out there may get the chance to inherit my bad taste ahahaha :D

Today, we ate at this place called Chopstix. the lady asked us if we wanted to keep our "chopstix"... like twice. plain old wooden chopsticks. I didn't get it. so weird. but anyway I ordered a crunchy roll and a shoyu ramen. deeelicioussss.

hmmmm.. I dunno, lol. this is my brother.

so, I move in a few days. looking through the selby for some inspiration. ughh every home on that site is so beautiful in their own way. I found this one photo, I neeeeed that leather couch with everything on it.

source: tina kaliva at the selby


fashion icon: great face. her hair is perfect even when it's a hot mess. and i would honestly wear everything she owns

source: thefashionspot and flickr

I suck at blogging. I've just been chilling and going to summer school. The weather has been perfect. I haven't been in the mood to take any outfit photos. I feel like a have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear... hmm, we took a couple of weeks to look at housing. Good news! my brother and I signed a lease to our new place yesterday. It's the one with the no elevator on the third floor. It's a really cute place though. so excite!

lol, went to IKEA after checking out a condo.

look at all that hair on the little boy. SO CUTE! I stalked him for liked 15 minutes. What else...I watched Harry Potter on Wednesday ♥.

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source : Markus Bollingmo

He is brilliant photographer - a Norwegian boy from Paris

I've been apartment-hunting lately. It's actually pretty fun. I saw the cutest, little 3-bedroom condo yesterday; gorgeous wood floors and recessed lighting. That's pretty much all I need in a home. However, it's on the third floor though...with NO ELEVATOR. It was built in 2008 - who builds a third floor nowadays with no elevator? crazy workout everyday? no need for gym! j/k. I'm turning in an app today. I hope we get it.

vest : zara basic

I bought this while I was in San Francisco. I love the patterns, the geometry... I am a weird. mmm, oh yeah - I deleted my twitter. It's 6:24am, I'm going to bed :(


more pics from San Francisco, we did the most touristy things on Saturday. I went to Ghirardelli Square for the first time. It was super chaotic in there... and exotic. I don't know if that's the right word, but so many European accented employeeees. HELLO :D

^^^^ This shining man was outside - I guess he caught me taking his picture and stared straight into my camera. nightmares forever. We also went to the most crookedest road / Coit tower / and past the GG Bridge to north bay territory. It's sooo country on the other side. Afterwards, we ate some delicious Thai food at Marnee Thai and headed to SF Museum of Fine Arts which was sooo super prettiful at night!

TODAY! I had a summer class to go to from 2-5. It's a comm class about TV :). The weather has been kind of weird. It's like gloomy over where I live/school and sunny everywhere else.

my tiny little bearbrick collection :)

made some lo mein for myself for dinner. pretty dang tasty. so easy to make: a little green onion, spam, ginger, oyster sauce and egg noodles. boil noodles, drain, then fry other ingredients in oil, add drained noodles, add oyster sauce and MIX! hmm... I'm in the process of finding another place to live, our lease ends on July 31. I still haven't really decided if I want to stay in SD or go somewhere else. I like moving, I just wish I knew where to go. I'm curious, do people actually read written blog content? lol.