i need a break.

my titles are so creative.

I'm super duper tired. I think I had five hours of sleep last night. and I also have something (slightly big) due tomorrow, so I guess I'm staying up all night. I'm so sick of school already. just one more summer. sigh. I've eaten a cup of frozen yogurt every other day since two weeks ago. with mini gummy bears. ALWAYS. I'm probably developing some nasty cavities.

source: the selby

My backpack broke seconds after I got out of the car to head into the airport to go to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. hmm, I thought Jansports were supposed to be reliable. It was only a year old :(. I've been looking for backpacks online. Then I saw this!

from push, a Japanese brand (via unbar)

me rikey.

that is all, back to homework :(

i love heat

went to the BAY AREA over the weekend (again). I never ever travel this often, but my group of friends from middle school were having a little reunion and I didn't wanna be the only one missing out. I got a good deal on the tickets too! I don't know what else to say, except even San Francisco (a usually cold place) was HAAAAWT. and I loved it ♥

cute little boy near takoyaki stand at Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown, SF

cherry blossom 桜

We ate frozen yogurt every day. I lurve frozen yogurt

transportations took a whole lotta time and money but it was for a good cause

dreamcatcher top from Nordstrom Rack, payce!

happy easters

DIY studded jeans. I was bored... the other day.

In other news, N.E.R.D is coming to UCSD for SUNGOD 2009. Iron and Wine, The Cool Kids - I also like. I know like one song from two of the other bands. But the main point is, we get to watch it for freeeee.

source: ohnotheydidnt

HYORI LEE for Top Girl (by GGPX) Ad 2009. She's so brutiful.

i heart sf

My stupid boyfriend April fooled me, then surprised me with a ticket to San Francisco so we could spend our 5 year anniversary together (04/04/04)... probably the most spontaneous thing he's done, ever. hah. hm, anyway. it was fun and eventful weekend. This is going to be a long, detailed post.

On Friday, we went to Haight St (one of my favorite places to go). I go into American Apparel to check out the Afrika printed stuffies they have. and the dressing room attendant is none other than Marjorie from last season's America's Next Top Model. WUT..

Ok, so that is not me in the yellow sweater. hehe. I got the photo from this guy's posting about the same weird encounter with the reality tv star. but yep, she had platinum blond hair just like in the photo. She was quite tall (dur). I didn't really want to intrude on her work, but I overheard the guy in the fitting room next to me telling her how she looked like that girl from ANTM. and she was like "yup". I caught her doing a cute little chicken dance while talking to another girl. It was really bizarre for me... seeing someone I see on tv in real life.

Afterward, we went to Isobune Sushi in Japantown for dinner. Small boats floating on water carried the sushi around the bar.

On Saturday, we went downtown by bus. stopped by Saigon Sandwich along the way. I love this place. They're sandwiches are only $3 and they've got great reviews. They have some kind of special sauce that makes their sandwiches especially delicious. I think it's warm mayo, err something.

did some shop-seeing. The first tier of that huge building is forever 21's three-story shop. The second photo is of Zara.

Lily Allen was having a (sold out) concert at the Warfield that I really reeaallly wanted to go to. But I opted to save money, and we watched Adventureland instead. It's got a 89% rating on rottentomatoes. It was sweet... except, I think I'd probably understand it more if I were a thirty-something year old. I heard some older folks reminiscing about the 80s shortly after the movie. The main character was like a slightly less awkward version of Michael Cera. and Also, I'd like to express my envy of Kristen Stewart. Not only does she get to kiss Robert Pattinson in Twilight; but she makes out with Ryan Reynolds in Adventureland. WHY?

Today, we attempted to go thrifting in the Mission - but didn't find anything. The weather was great! sunny and hot -- a rarity for SF. There was this alleyway filled with artwork; it was pretty neat.

San Francisco <3