crush, a bit.

1) I AM SOOO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING IN ALMOST A MONTH. I had an important issue I had to worry about, therefore I've been working like almost the full-time amount of hours. I somewhat took care of my problem so hopefully, I can update more. PLUS, SPRING IS HERE! I think...

2) RIP NUJABES. I didn't realize he had such an huge following. I don't know where I how I first heard of him, but it was many many years ago... I think it was "Lady Brown". His beats were so relaxing... instant mind clearer. listening to "Feather" always made me happy:)

3) The weather was nice this weekend. got new used toy in the mail the other day. I'M LOVING IT.

4) How do I handle this little school girl feeling? I feel like I'm like 13. I'm also as exciting as a rock. I know I'm gonna end up old and alone. with a bunch of cats and/or dogs :(