3:33 AM

I returned that studded tunic dress to Forever 21. I realize it didn't really do much for the pear shaped body I have. I did a little sorting through my luggage (which I've barely touched since I came back from San Francisco two weeks ago) = DISCOVERY OF JAPANTOWN GOODIES I FORGOT ABOUT

Lychee flavored HI CHEW. YES PREASE!

Japanese fashion magazines from Kinokuniya Bookstore in Japan Center. I LOVE this bookstore. I wish I could have taken photos, but they didn't allow cameras. I went there like 4 times over the break - just to gawk at their amazing collection of reading/viewing material. I ended up buying just two magazines. and inside of each magazine.... more stuff! ahh I love Japanese fashion mags.


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I feel soo lazy today. I woke up just two hours ago (3pm). All I've done is showered and ate - and now the sun is down :(. The second week of the quarter is over, eight more to go. There's a 3rd Rock from the Sun marathon on TV LAND. I have admired Joseph Gordon-Levitt since ever since. since Angels in the Outfield, even.


The top is from Forever 21, part of the batch that I bought online about a month ago. I really love the design and material. I wore this and pair of Levi's shorts on Thursday. The weather in San Diego has been soo good lately. It's supposed to remain in the 70s until Wednesday. YAY.


Academy Award winning French Actress Marion Cotillard in Madame Figaro.

It's long overdue, but Happy New Year! I had fun in San Francisco, but I'm back in San Diego now since school started. Katlin from URPLE has tagged me for five addictions. They currently are:

1. Guitar Hero World Tour. My brother and I just purchased it last Monday and we play for HOURS
2. ARIZONA GREEN TEA. I go through at least a gallon a week
3. CSI and/or Law & Order
4. Those buy/sell/trade stores like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads
5. BLOGGING! reading other people's blogs, posting my own, receiving comments :)

I tag anybody that views this blog!