hello, this is my friend's cat named "muning", which means cat in filipino. hey cat.

i hope everyone had a nice holiday. i did what i've done every holiday these past few months... eat chinese food at home -__-. hmmmm. i think afterwards we went to look at christmas lights around the island with my brother and his gf, my sister from another mister. then got drinks at this little place called jungle java. they serve matcha frappes now (for $6. ridiculous! i could buy a whole meal with that money). and it's not as good tapioca express's either. speaking of matcha, i bought some matcha powder today - $6.50 for a tiny bag. there's something about the color that turns me on. LOL. and i love the taste. it's like subtly sweet. i'm gonna do some experimenting with it - donut glaze, drinks, cake mix, etc. excited. what a glutton i am. i've even been dreaming of food these days (cookies, KFC). and i wake up drooling. i think it's these damn braces affecting my subconscious.


from china. went crazy on the polka dots. but my aunt got those for me. :P

my brother and his gf got me this kid robot donut pillow for my birthday. THEN, for christmas, they got me a mini donut maker! ♥ the glasses frames i got it at some random booth in China for like $3 USD..extremely cheap plastic. but i like the colors A LOT (it's black and fades to green). got it prescriptioned at Lenscrafters there for about $50 USD O_O...

B* got his gifts in the mail today that i sent him. they were small things, but he said he really liked them and it made his day :). that made my day! i miss him.

next post will be about new years resolutions, dreams for 2011 :). this blog layout needs an update. my face needs an update.


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marcolopolis25 said...
December 29, 2010 at 12:39 AM

haha your posts always make me smile. I feel like you are a friend I need to keep up with now.

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