a wish is a dream your heart makes

My favorite tank top. there are holes on the bottom... I hate when that happens.

My high school friend's b-day is this weekend. gonna take loads of pictures. and eat FOOD OTHER THAN CHINESE FOOD... I can't wait. I just sneezed. it felt so good. LOL... ok I'm going to bed now.

brewing in me brain

Yesterday, my friend and I went to Mt. Lam Lam Sno n' Ice Cream. I wrote an entry about their soft serve chocolate ice cream here, like a million years ago... because that's basically the only reason why I ever went there before. So we get there ... and it's crossed out from their menu?? They only had crappy vanilla. I refuse. I was so. disappointed...I just got a snocone (pictured above) which I didn't even end up finishing.

SO ever since I left California, my laptop and I have become siamese twinsies. I need to find a job T__T. I must save save save for the future I have planned in my mind. I MISS THERE. I MISS BOYFRIEND<3. I MISS BROTHER. I MISS FREEDOM. See like right now, it's 4:30am and my dad just knocked on my bedroom door to tell me to sleep -__-... Goodnight.

wildfox cozy

source: wildfox blog

This is an loft apartment somewhere in Downtown L.A...found it on the wildfox blog. I LOVE IT. It's not too neat nor too messy. Spacious and cute, not too small. I don't know, I think it's perfect. It just looks so freaking cozy.

source: google images

Update with life: I bought this thing called Missha BB Cream No. 23 from eBay. I heard a lot of good things about it from YouTube :D. It supposedly helps with clearing blemishes, anti-aging, SPF protection, ALL WHILE evening out your skin tone...sounds too good to be true. I can't wait. I've also been experimenting with liquid eyeliner, LOL... it's pretty cool. I have an appointment in late October to get my teeth cleaned as well as 3 teeth extracted, BECAUSE.... wait for it...I'm going to get braces. I'm seriously more scared (and semi-self-conscious) for the teeth extraction than I am for the braces. I don't wanna look like a hobo D:

EDIT: instead of a separate post, I thought I'd just put here a follow up of getting my stuff in the mail :)

spongebob, hehe. I love getting packages. Receiving anticipated mail is like... one of the best things in life. Anyway, I ordered Missha BB Cream (No. 23) from ebay seller spicygoods. It came in the cutest little packaging ever + a handwritten note.


I've been on Guam for almost a month... been eating pretty Chinese food everyday (dad's cooking). I mean, I love his food, but I need some variety like right now. like SUSHI... mmmmm. I've been spending all of my days with my grandparents. Is it wrong that I have a favorite? I feel like my grandpa GETS me. He still has all his marbles, he's genuinely funny and extremely simple. He watches TV and sleeps, when he can. He remains candid when I take his picture, just real and honest. I feel like sometimes, we're on the same boat... always being treated like kids, when really we're just misunderstood by stubborn old ladies, lol... that is all.

p.s. his ingredients fell into the pot this way :)
p.p.s. I love mooocow :D

edited this entry.

(pardon my ugly feet)

I picked OPI's Hey! Get in Lime!

It just stood out to me among the glittery red, magentas, fuschias, and gold....old lady colors. j/k. I just noticed it matched my post title entry color too. Maybe that's why I liked it so much. Also, Let's pretend that whole job interview never happened. It's out of my brain. I honestly had like 0% marketing experience for it, so I wrote a letter removing myself as a candidate. Hopefully my mom and dad can allow me to help them with their business. I wish I could pursue something silly like candid photography or taking photos of stupid things like I usually do.

Confucius say: Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life

In other news, I miss my honey. more updates to come soon~